Monday, May 26, 2014

Last Saturday at Radio Movimiento!

Thanks to all the support and volunteers that helped clean-up the Radio Movimiento community garden. It is looking a ton better and ready for a healthy spring planting! Plans are in the works to push the permaculture garden boundaries on this garden. One step at a time, many hands working side-by-side and volunteer enthusiasm and love will make this garden a spectacular project! La huerta comunitaria vive! Comida para tod@s! Hasta la proxima brigada!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Work parties!

It was a busy weekend for Planting Communities! Friday we started at St. Mary's Episcopal community garden. This is their first year, but the garden is plowed thanks to Ward! Families were busy working together diving up the land for their plots and setting aside the food bank portion.

Saturday was another busy day at the First Presbyterian community garden planting up the food bank side of the garden. Later that day Gina was busy with families over at the Nellie Muir School Garden. Meanwhile Ian and San Juana were in a Community Collaborations meeting trying to improve Planting Communities efficiency and collaborative efforts in the Woodburn community.  Stay tuned for more work party dates and we hope to see you all in the garden!

Until then...happy gardening!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Report back from Dia del Nino

Dia del nino was a hit! We had an exciting table and wanted to thank everyone who stopped by. Furthermore we appreciate the event coordinators for hosting us! No free books from our table, but we had an electron microscope, soil samples, seeds and coloring pages (for free). PC hope to see vegetables sprouting up all around Woodburn. In addition, we hope that the young kids get outside and explore the soil in their yards looking for the insects on the soil-builders hand-out we gave them. We look forward to a larger space next year and see you all again in the gardens or around town.