Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It about that time!

With spring approaching, the days becoming longer and the sun shining I thought we could share some ideas with you all. The nice weather this weekend will allow you to go out and turn that soil, unless you practice no-tilling methods or lasagna gardens.

If you have chickens this is a good time to let them peck around the garden and do the work for you. They do a great job of turning up the soil, making a tiny mess, eating all those small shinny slug eggs and other bugs but most of all they will be much happier running around.

To start planning for planting this season, I am attaching a couple links below. The first is for the OSU extensions monthly gardening calendar. The second is a nice, one-page spread for planting dates produced by Portland Nursery.

Hope this helps, especially to those new to gardening!


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