Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter activities

February is almost here, that means starting seeds indoors. In the mean time there are several other things you can do in the garden to keep active and warm.

Rubber boots/mud boots - check
gloves - check
warm jacket - check
cup of warm tea or coffee - check

1. build a cold frame (using straw bales and old windows or more permanent  structure from upcycled wood and old windows). This will serve as a place to harden off the starts you have sown in February.

2. Build a compost bin. Pallets make the best design, or you neighbors old fence boards. My recommendation is to also put a cover and doors on it. Leave the cover off or open May - November then close it in the winter months. In my opinion this ensures the right amount of moisture to keep the microbes and invertebrates happy in your bin. I will post pictures soon of ones we have with PC.

3. If you have a compost bin, find a cold sunny day to go out and turn it. This is a great way to get some winter vitamin D, envision your garden space and aerate your compost bin. put the new on the bottom and the old on the top.

4. Start some salad greens and herbs indoors in a sunny window.

That's all I can think of for now.

Happy gardening!

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